Successful Social Media and Ecommerce Strategies in the Wine Industry


This book focuses on principles and practices in digital wine marketing. By providing a global overview of social media and e-commerce strategies and practices in the wine business, this book allows readers to understand how consumers and producers deal with these modern communication and selling platforms.

Editors: Szolnoki, Gergely, Thach, Liz, Kolb, Dani (Eds.) .


Current Status of Global Wine Ecommerce and Social Media

Szolnoki, Gergely (et al.)

Pages 1-1


Wine on Facebook: A Look at Millennials’ Wine Information Search

Higgins, Lindsey M. (et al.)

Pages 13-29


Online Communication Approaches and Social Networks in Traditional Wine Regions: A Case Study from Italy

Capitello, Roberta (et al.)

Pages 30-54


Word of Mouth Impulses Boost Wines of Germany: A Case Study

Schulz, Frank R.

Pages 55-73


The Use of Social Media in the Wine Event Industry: A Case Study of the High Country Harvest in Australia

Strickland, Paul (et al.)

Pages 74-92


Crowdsourcing in Wine Business: Co-Creation and Fundraising Experiences

Mariani, Angela (et al.)

Pages 93-114


Are Customers Having E-Conversations about Your Wine? The Importance of Online Discussion Forums as Electronic Word of Mouth for Wine Marketers

Dean, David L. (et al.)

Pages 115-132


Wine Price Determination in Online Specialized Stores: An Empirical Study for Argentina

García Arancibia, Rodrigo (et al.)

Pages 133-153


Cross-Cultural Comparison of Social Media Usage in the Wine Industry: Differences between the United States and Germany

Hoffmann, Carsten (et al.)

Pages 154-166